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Jamie Wineman AKA WolfGangGang (b.1984 Detroit) is a visual and music artist whose work centers on mental health, addiction and inner child. Originally hailing from the Detroit area, Jamie attended the prestigious Cranbrook Kingswood school, which along with his musical family cultivated a deep appreciation of the arts. His love of music blossomed into a 15+ year career in Chicago, IL as a music producer and performer which continues today. Despite numerous successes in the music industry both performing live, producing for artists and scoring commercials and films, the onset of Covid brought major life changes and Jamie searched for alternate mediums of creative expression. In March of 2022, Jamie worked his way through becoming sober and began to paint for therapeutic purposes. Painting became a way for Jamie to express himself autonomously and authentically as an alternative to the fast-paced music world. He has embraced his visual craft with the same passion and chaotic flow that brought him joy while creating music. He draws inspiration from an eclectic taste in music, 80s slasher films, Psychology, Northern Michigan, the City of Detroit, pop culture and his supportive family. He notes his artistic influences as Basquiat, Keith Haring, African American folk art face vessels, Gerald McDermott, Hieronymous Bosch and Ed Emberly among many more. When not painting, Jamie can be found in his home music studio, working with mental health and addiction charities and foundations, coaching youth football or spending quality time with his little man, Wolfgang.

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